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Filezilla Installation and

Romexis Download Guide

1. Select your Filezilla download from the links above

2. Once the file has downloaded, extract the installer and start it. Follow the installation instructions and once finished Filezilla will start. If it does not, locate the installed program and start it.

3. To connect to Planmeca's FTP you will need to fill in the open fieds - Host:  Username: pmadmin  Password: planm3ca! Port: Leave empty. Then select Quickconnect.

4. Select OK.

5. Select Software then ​Romexis.

6. In the Romexis folder look for Windows or Mac.

7. Click and drag the Romexis version you want to the Desktop icon on the left.

8. ​​You can see the progress of the download at the bottom.

9. After it's downloaded, go to your desktop, right-click and select extract all​.

10. Setup and download are complete, Didapi and Romexis setup guides are located below.

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