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Windows Didapi Setup Guide

1. Right click 'setup'

2. Select 'Run as Administrator'

Didapi Error Codes

3. Check the TWAIN Source Capture box and the ProSensor USB Driver box and click Next >

4. Select no on the TWAIN license file pop up

5. Unselect the 'read me' box and click Finish

6. Select 'No, I will restart my computer later.' and click OK to finish installation.

7. Open the file path below and open 'DidapiConfig'

8. Select your unit

9. Go to 'network settings' and add your unit's IP

10. Restart your PC, calibrate, and installation is complete!

Windows Didapi
Romexis for Windows Setup Guide

1. Right click 'setup'

2. Select 'Run as Administrator'

3. If you want to capture from this station, make sure you have Didapi

4. Make sure you select the 'custom' option and click Next >

5. Unselect 'server components' box and click Next > to continue

6. Add the IP address of your office's Romexis server, in place of 'localhost' and click Next >

7. Restart your computer and setup is complete

Romexis for Mac Setup Guide

1. Your Romexis setup begins here, select continue to proceed

2. Select continue after reading the terms and conditions

3. Confirm you have read the terms of license agreement

4. 'Romexis server' and 'database' are not needed

5. Make sure you have enough hard drive space (size varies)

6. The first half of setup is complete, if this is not your Romexis server please continue

7. ​​Go to the Romexis icon in the Planmeca folder and select Show Package Contents

8. Go to Contents, MacOS, and then right-click Romexis and select Open With >> Other

9. Scroll to the bottom and open TextEdit

10. Once opened, replace 'localhost' with the ip address of your Romexis server

11. The result should look soemthing like the following

12. Open Romexis and make sure everything works, setup is complete

Romexis Tutorial Videos
3D Setup

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